Cleans Graffiti (water-based paints )TED-GRAFFITI™ (WATER)

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Cleans Graffiti (water-based paints).

Cleans graffiti. It is ideal for cleaning graffiti on all kinds of surfaces: PVC, glass, wood, stone, roof tiles, metal surfaces, concrete etc. Instant action without interference in the surface structure.A professional cleaning preparation of very high efficiency.

It is ideal for cleaning graffiti on all kinds of surfaces: PVC, glass, wood, stone, roof tiles, metal surfaces, concrete etc.

Examples of surfaces and their types:

• Terrazzo, brick, limestone, plaster, concrete, sandstone, granite - application: facades of buildings, monuments, underpasses, overpasses;

• Metal surfaces coated with curing paints - application: the outer surfaces of railway wagons, trams and buses, acoustic screens, metal constructions of bus shelters, elevators, relay boxes, etc.;

• Plexiglas, acrylic glass surfaces - application: acoustic screens, telephone booths, portable toilets, interior of railway wagons, bus shelters;

 • Laminates, siding – as above, road signs.

 • Buildings and private, commercial, public objects.


Used chemical compounds eliminate unwanted chemical reactions with cleaned surfaces, that is why graffiti can be removed from very delicate and expensive materials, as well as historic buildings;

• Allows to wash off contamination of atmospheric origin;

• Allows to remove graffiti without interference in the surface;

• Used compounds are safe for the environment; all waste water generated during the process of removing graffiti does not require disposal and may be discharged directly into the sewer system.

• Extremely fast reaction time (1-2 minutes).

• Does not require professional cleaning equipment!!!


Please visit Tedgar website TEDAGR where there is a photo and video documentation.

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